Got Technical Skills?

Invent2win™ is a skills club that let’s members with technical skills make royalties between $200,000 and $2,000,000 per project. We conceive, develop, and license products to manufacturers and As Seen On TV

Got A New Product Idea?

You are living far beneath your financial means. Leveraging your ideas as a means to make money is a great way to fund and improve your life. We partner with you to bring your product to the market for a percentage of

Need A New Product? Manufacturers

We have the hottest coming products for all industries. If you are looking for the "What's Next?" product. Look no further. Invent2win™ is the place. Everyday, we are working on million dollar products. Get your next

Direct Response TV Organizations

Looking for the next great AS SEEN ON TV products that can have national and international success in the direct markets? You have come to the right place! Invent2win™ develops products that have million dollars sells

About our company

Invent2win™ is the "What's Next?" in the technical skills market. We believe that the those with the technical skill should be able to make millions of dollars for their contributions to millon dollar products.

Why spend years developing tremendous technical skills and not use that skillset to put a lot of money in your pocket? In an era of layoffs and higher than normal unemployment, it makes sense to leverage what you already know for the good of your bank account. Register your skills with us and be eligible for million dollar contracts.